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SCROOMtimes SCROOMtimes is a publication of SCROOMcomm, Ltd; Publisher:Andy Wallace; Editor-in-Chief: Dean Shutt
Published Monthly  Volume 2, Number 5  May 1997

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A Word from the Editor
Our Monthly SCROOM
Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness Skippy
Commentary: Fiona Jane Speaks Out Fiona Jane
Tales of the Geek Lord Pelican Smith
Ya Gotta See This - Chasing Amy Tony Han
The Sporting SCROOM
Fun & Games Dean Shutt
A View from the Cheap Seats Dave Lind
The Professor The Professor
The SPMBNC Page!
Not Your Average SCROOM
Fiction: Pretty Girls are Best Left Alone Greg Tennant
Music: The Ubergirlz Dr. Jonas Wasley
Reportage: Sympathy for the Devil - Book II Dean Shutt
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