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Volume 2, Number 7 -- July, 1997

From the Editors

 Boy Howdy! I'd like to welcome you to the May issue of the SCROOMtimes. I hope you survived tax time - and that you'll use your refund to buy a SCROOMtimes t-shirt! We got bills, too, you know. Plus, they are a truly great fashion accessory. Go click on that icon to the left, order one now!
 Anyway, here we are, approaching summer. We've already had our first "jeez, it's hot!" day here in Silly-con Valley. How's the weather out by you? Hey - sounds perfect for a little reading! Check this out:
 Skippy had a bad time at his (previously) favorite restaurant, and he wants you to know all about it. Check out Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness. Our fearless movie reviewer tells us why he likes Kevin Smith (the director) in You Gotta See This.
 In The Sporting SCROOM, Dave Lind tells us who got it right - and wrong - in the recent NFL draft. In The View From the Cheap Seats. The Professor is back from his, er, vacation, and has learned a little about himself - check out The Professor. Dean Shutt takes on the "stadium issue", spurred on by the events here in the Bay Area. See if you agree with him, in Fun And Games.
 Fiona, our "Down Under" (the table) correspondent has some help for the "fashion challenged", in Fiona Jane Speaks Out.
 We would also like to welcome our newest columnist, Pelican Smith, the Geek Lord. He's got some opinions (yeah, right!), and he's not shy about sharing them. Check out what he has to say in Tales of the Geek Lord.
 Dean Shutt adds another chapter to the tale of his trip to Spring Training. We think he might be headed for the same place that the Professor was recently incarcera-er, allowed to stay. Judge for yourself, in his reportage.
 And, on the BackPage, we have our first in what shall probably be a long series - the Offensive Top Ten. Tell us what you think...
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