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Published Monthly  Volume 3 Number 2  February 1998
SCROOMtimes is a publication of SCROOMcomm, Ltd; Publisher:Andy Wallace; Editor-in-Chief: Dean Shutt

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Fiona Jane Speaks Out
..........Fiona Jane
Tales of the Geek Lord
..........Pelican Smith
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..........Dean Shutt
A View from the Cheap Seats
..........Dave Lind
The Professor
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Editorial: Repubs Attack!
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Fiction: Topeka vs. Birmingham
..........Shaun Smith
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 Another issue, another great sporting event is over... I don't have to tell you what a great Superbowl we had, do I? Regardless of what my compatriots here feel about th Broncos, it was a great game, and I'm happy for Elway, and the rest of the Broncos.
 But now, it's time for another issue of the SCROOMtimes! To start with, Skippy has some thoughts for Valentine's Day, his personal favorites among romantic moments in the small screen.
 But that's not all! Fiona is back from her vacation, and has a tale of a question that might perhaps best not be asked. Why? Well, read her column! Pelican Smith also weighs in with his thoughts on the Microsoft vs the US Government case.
 In sports, Dean Shutt laments the end of the football season, Dave Lind has a few kind words for Niner's fans, and the Professor rants about Instant Replay returning to football. No, he's not for it.
 Our staff has some strong opinions about the current free-for-all going on in Washington, and you can read all about it in "Repubs Attack!". Dave Lind also gives us his opinion on the Religious Right's intrusion into the Texas legal system.
 On the lighter side, we have some baseball fiction by Shaun Smith, just in time for the start of Spring Training. Are you going? We're hoping to get a little SCROOMtimes staff trip down to see the boys of summer warming up... more when it happens!
 Don't forget your honey on Valentine's Day - you'll regret it, trust me on this one!
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