Pelican Smith

Where has the geek lord been anyway?

Well, Key West is the short answer. Last August I packed up all my belongings (usual fare, computer, moped, several hundred pounds of books), and shuffled down to the southernmost location in the continental United States.

Things change this far south. Scorpions, lizards and unholy droves of ants scurry about in my backyard, where we camp out anyway. Off my dock we saw a manatee on Christmas morning, and we've seen a nurse shark. For a long time we had an iguana who thought the dock was his, and hissed at us when we came near. Aside from these things, there are various creatures which crawl, slither, swim or fly around us which we are completely unable to identify.

I am now what would best be described as a LAN administrator. Two different LANs, each with less than 200 users. Work is hardly as strenuous as it once was, up in the hustle and bustle of Eastern Virginia.

Peoples attitudes are completely different down here. Flip-flops and shorts are common, shirts are rare. Employers are begging for workers, due to the few true locals all being employed elsewhere.

Drinking, in Key West, is a sport. Duval street is the perfect location for the pub crawl. In fact, it is too perfect, assuring any who try that they WILL be thoroughly plastered, and broke, when you finally stumble into Denny's at 4:30 AM.

But Geekdom does survive, though admittedly in a more lackadaisical form. I have a new computer, one of the new PIII 700's, which will no doubt spur a future TotGL post droning on and on about the advances in computer hardware. And I am writing this column using good old VI, running on Redhat linux version 6.1, whichis sure to lead to more discussions on open source, linux taking market share from Microsoft, and the ability computer consumers now have to customize their environment. And I have dove into my first Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game (MMORPG), EverQuest, which has the dramatic tendency to take over a persons life.

So, yes, the Geek Lord lives on. Once a month I promise to pick myself up out of my hammock and post some words from a now laidback, sunburnt, yet still technically fascinated nerd. My apologies for my absense, my appreciation for your interest.

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