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By Matt Sedik

Ok, so one morning I had this idea to do some quickie research on the web to answer the age old question, "How many Snapples would it take to..." Below are some answers. And yes, I have no life. And yes, I am insane. But no, I haven't sent these figures to Snapple yet. Enjoy.

  • There are 62.72 bottles of Snapple per cubic foot.

  • If it were Snapple instead of fresh milk brought aboard the (soon to be doomed) Titanic, we would've lost 11,624 bottles into the icy depths.

  • If you owned exactly one acre of land, and it rained Snapple to the depth of one inch, do you know how many bottles that would take? 216,000.

  • An average bath requires 36 gallons of water. That's 288 bottles of Snapple. Well, before you start drinking them.

  • The three story Kelp Forest exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? You'd need around 8 million bottles of Snapple to fill it. Fish not included.

  • Wanna fill up your Blue Angles' F/A 18 Hornet aircraft fuel tanks with Snapple? Hope ya have 13,360 spare bottles handy (for the internal tanks only.)

  • Were you the captain of the ill-fated Exxon Valdez supertanker in Alaska's Prince William Sound on March 24, 1989, and carrying Snapple instead oil, you would've spilled roughly 88 million bottles of it into the seas. Hope you packed your scuba gear.

  • Lake Tahoe contains 39 trillion gallons of water. Ouch, I don't know if they could whip out 312 trillion bottles of Snapple. That's enough to cover a flat area the size of California to the depth of 14 inches. Get yer rain boots and straws, bay-bee!