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Hey kids!
Skippy here. You know, I've been thinking recently about generations. No, you pathetic little nerd, not Star Trek: Generations. No, I'm talking about my generation (sorry, had to do it), as well as the older generations and God help us, the younger generations. How do we all fit together? Who decides which generation is the arbiter of cool? Why are baby boomers so damn annoying? Important questions all, and I will answer them for you in just a bit. First though, I would like to talk about my generation.

I am a slacker, a gen Xer, a twentysomething. For years now, we have been written off as unmotivated, surly and generally apathetic. I would just like to say in our defense, who really gives a damn? I mean look at who is saying this about us - the boomers, for God's sake! Now there is a bunch with some moral integrity to throw around. This is the pack of craven whiners who sold their souls to the highest bidder in the eighties so they could have a new BMW. We are supposed to put any stock into what they say about us? I will give credit where credit is due, they seemed to be pretty on top of things in the sixties, but in the past thirty years? Let's just say you've probably made your parents proud guys. Back to us though, yes, we do not care about much. Yes, we are not what you would call strivers, by and large. No, we don't tend to get involved with the running of our country. You have to remember when we grew up though, my idea of a life's goal when I was twelve was to live with Chrissy and Janet in San Diego. Look at the Presidents we had to look up to - Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan. Now if that isn't a pantheon of inspiring leaders then I don't know what is. No wonder we put so much stock in our political leaders. We grew up with a crook, a klutz, a weenie and a robot as our nation's leaders. Inspiring? I'll say, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. You see folks, it's a simple thing really. We watched the boomers slowly go from idealistic world savers to cynical me-firsters and decided, "Hey, let's cut out the middle man!" We are apathetic, but that's because the boomers showed us where believing in something will get you - bleeding and in jail.

So how do we all fit together? It's a pretty easy question when you think about it. The so-called silent generation, the ones that begat the boomers, they are into the irrelevant phase of their careers. They have done all that they are going to do and can now sit back and carp about how the rest of us are screwing it up. The boomers are in control now. They run just about everything that's worth running in this country. Our generation is the one that's supposed to shake things up. You know, light a fire under the boomers' tails. As anyone can see, we've passed on doing that and now we're just shooting for a job that doesn't require a nametag and a hairnet. What about the kids just coming up, you ask? I think that they will be the next activist generation. There are a lot of them and I believe they will take one look at us and think that we could have changed things had we tried. They will be wrong of course, but that won't stop them from mounting the barricades again...just like Grandma & Grandpa!

What's cool, who determines it? The common belief is that the youngest functioning generation is the trendsetter. However, I think it is more of an inter-generational thing. The silents think the boomers are a bunch of pathetic whiners. We on the other hand think that boomers are fairly slick (the generation as a whole, not me personally, I think they're weenies). The boomers don't get our generation at all. The generation behind us thinks that we had it at one time, but now we're just a pack of self-loathing, TV watching pinheads. They are right of course, but that is something else all together. If you had to break it down to a simple formula, the boomers are middle-of-the-road cool, we are fringe cool and the kids coming up are the cutting edge.

That's it really, your generational primer. You no longer need be confused when people start spouting off about generation gaps or generational politics or what have you. Don't you feel so much better about yourself now?


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