SCROOMtimes is a publication of Scroomcomm Ltd.
Editor/Publisher: Andy Wallace
Editor-in-Chief: Dean Shutt
Published Monthly  Volume 2, Number 1  Jan 1997

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Our Monthly SCROOM
A Word from the Editor Your Scroomers
A View from the Cheap Seats Dave Lind
You Gotta See This Your Scroomers
Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness Skippy
The Professor The Professor
The BackPage Your Scroomers

Not Your Average SCROOM
Fiction: Eulogy Dean Shutt
Fiction: Rats Live on no Evil Star Bob Phillips
Fiction: A Strange Abduction LeighAnn Arndt

Ryhmes With SCROOM
Have Been Jason Stephens
Training - Day One Jason Stephens
Wicked and Witty Jason Stephens
Her Dean Shutt
Joy Dean Shutt

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