Volume 2, Number 4 -- April, 1997

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From the Editors

 Hey there! Welcome to the Tax Time issue of the SCROOMtimes. By the time you read this, you should have paid your taxes, or at least gotten that extension. I know I was standing in a loooong line at the Post Office this morning...
 But, we still managed to get out another issue of the SCROOmtimes. And what an issue it is! You'll notice a few new things - a (slightly) snazzier look, I've finally added that navigation bar that I have threatened the staff with for months, and we have a new section - The Sporting SCROOM. Let us know what you think, at editors@scroom.com!
 As to content, how about this:
 Skippy couldn't keep a single coherent thought for very long this month, so he gave us one of his "Random Thoughts" columns. This really gives you a little better idea of how the Skipster's mind works, anyway. Our fearless movie reviewer takes on Jean-Claude Van Damme and Denis Rodman, but winds up talking about his favorite Hong Kong-ese directors in the process, in You Gotta See This.
 In The Sporting SCROOM, Dave Lind takes a slight detour from sports (I know, YOU talk to him) to give us a little sociological insight into the OJ Simpson verdict, and then jumps right back into the fray with previews of both the National and American leagues. The Professor is on vacation, trying to recover from his trip to spring training u (I think he blew a gasket at the Albert Belle trade), but his doctors promise they'll let him out in time for the next issue.
 And in our features column, we welcome Fiona Jane, who brings a *much needed) female viewpoint to our staff. Next month, she'll be joining us with a monthly column, but the first time is always special.... check out Fiona Jane Speaks Out.
 We finally got our publisher to contribute something, and since he's the music-head of the group, he decided to review a new album, Abraxas Pool. See what he thinks.
 Our gonzo man finally finished his column from his trip to Spring Training, and it was worth the wait - check out his reportage.
 And of course, an issue of the 'times wouldn't be complete without some poetry, so check out Sringle's 50 Crows and Andy Ladd's Ready Ovations.
 And, on the BackPage, check out why men really are like dogs...
 That's the new issue folks, we hope you like it! So, check it all out, send us some feedback, rant a little, and, while you're at it, buy a t-shirt! Yep, that's right, we are seeling SCROOMtimes t-shirts. Find out all about it here.
Your SCROOMers
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