As some of you have no doubt noticed, we've made few changes around the old mag. Hope you like what we've done with the place, after four years, we figured it was time to shake things up a bit. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Now on to our regularly scheduled column...

Well we made it through week four...well almost through week four...OK, so I kind of never made it past week one, but still, it was a valiant effort. Unfortunately, at 8:27 PST on Sunday the 3rd of October, Dave and I gave up the ghost and switched back. Our loyal readers will recall that Dave and I swapped football teams after last year's SuperBowl in order to somehow "cross up" the Football Gods and break our mutual cycle of pain. I would root for his Raiders and he would cheer on my beloved Colts.

It worked out all right until the teams actually started playing and I saw the offensive machine that the Colts were fielding this season. Manning, Harrison, Dilger, Green and James are probably the best young group of skill players in the NFL. While none is the best at his position (except for possibly Peyton, and maybe Marvin), but add them together and you have a frightening offensive collection. Add to that a resurgent defense that is actually taking it to teams instead of having it taken to them, and you have a very good young team. In a year or so, the Colts are going to be one of those teams that dominate games from start to finish.

When the Jets and Broncos stumbled out of the gate it became harder and harder to pretend that I wasn't following my beloved Colts. They have an actual shot at the postseason this year and they will make some noise in the playoffs come next year. Barring freak injuries, the Colts are going to field a quality team for the next decade (providing they can manage the cap properly) and that really is all I ever wanted from them.

I suppose you could say the swap worked, or maybe it was the fact they hired a quality football mind in Bill Polian to run the show and a solid coach in Jim Mora. Whatever the reason I am a Colts fan again. Next Sunday I will be watching as they take on the Dolphins in a big game in the AFC East. Luckily, I had the foresight to buy a dish and NFL Sunday Ticket this year. So I will be able to watch my beloved Colts, now that they have become watchable.

As for the bet with Andy, well a case of beer is a small price to pay for the favor of the Football Gods. After watching the Colts get smacked around for the last twenty years I'll buy him a case of beer every year if that will keep the Colts winning.

In other news, my Red Sox have made it to the post-season yet again. This is the first time since 1915-16 that they have made the playoffs two years in a row. I guess that means they'll be winning the Series again soon. I don-

**Editors Note** - The idea of the Red Sox in the playoffs AND the Colts regaining respectability was simply too much for Dean to handle all at once (not to mention actually having to buy someone else beer). He was led away from his terminal jabbering about the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup and carving Horseshoes into his flesh with a butter knife. He is resting comfortably under heavy sedation at the Shady Hills Home for Sports Writers Without Perspective. We expect him back next month.

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