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Volume 2 , Number 10
October , 1997

From the Editors

 Welcome!! Here was are, the summer is over, and we move into fall... of course, we here in lovely Northern California really haven't noticed the difference yet. In another month, we ought to start putting long-sleeved shirts on... of course, the same season change will happen up in San Francisco, but summer being over there means that they will start taking off their sweaters... Some of you sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that this is the 10th issue this year, and there there didn't seem to be a September issue. Well, that's because you are right. We have switched our publishing schedule so that we put the magaine out on the last weekend before the end of the month. It makes our lives a bit easier, and hopefully won't inconvenience you all any (!). For those who are, or who want to be contributors, that means that you will have to get your work into us by the 15th of the month now.
 All that aside, welcome to yet another exciting issue if the SCROOMtimes. Aside from our fine writing, we have a special surprise for you! Yes, we know that you have been wondering, so now you can see what we look like! Yes, we have staff pictures up. Check out the picture page:
 The SCROOMtimes Pic Page
 And you can finally see what we all look like. Dean expects that his female fan mail will go way up, so don't disappoint him, girls!
 But, now on to our normal issue. Skippy weighs in with some advice for the Democratic Party - he has hope for the future, as long as James Carville comes back. Check it out in Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness.
 And lovely Fiona has lost something, but she knows just where to go for help in finding it. Have you lost something? Perhaps her solution will work for you, too. See what it is, in Fiona Jane Speaks Out.
 The Geek Lord, Pelican Smith examines the seamy underside of the 'net - yes, the things that make people happy, and that you will want to share with your kids. We hate to have to do this to you, but you asked for it! Tales of the Geek Lord.
 Dean Shutt, football fanatic and Indianapolis Colts fan, is hanging it up. No more will he rabidly wish the Colts well... see what the deal is in Fun & Games.
 Our own resident sports cynic, Dave Lind, has some comments about his beloved Raiders. If you are a Raiders fan, you really don't want to read this... otherwise, laugh along with the rest of us, read A View from the Cheap Seats.
 And the Professor, that paragon of intellegence and virtue, examines some of the great philosophical questions - see what he's thinking about this month in The Professor.
 You ever wonder what goes on in the minds of professional cheerleaders? Please, no jokes here, instead, read all about our staff's encounters with the Rhinestones, the "dance team" for the San Jose Rhinos, our local Roller Hockey International team. The story is calle ...and They All Danced
 And we've got some great fiction for you as well! The fourth and final part of Greg Tennant's Blood Poisoning, and Dean Shutt's tale of the end of a relationship.
 Well, Tony Han, our normal movie reviewer has disappeared under mysterious circumstances... luckily, this has prompted our publisher to finally get up from behind his desk and out into the world. Well, so he makes it as far as the movie theatre, to check out G.I. Jane. By the way, the police are asking, and we can't answer. If you have seen Tony, drop us a line at
 And, last, but not least, Dean had a bad bout of poetry this month, and produced these: Matter, On, and Question. We think you'll like them.
 So, enjoy the waning days of summer, and drop us a line sometime... We'd love to hear from you!
Your SCROOMers
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