Volume 2, Number 6 -- June, 1997

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From the Editors

  Well, hello again! Welcome back to our little piece of the Web! If this is your first time, well, you are in for a treat, I tell you!
 In this issue, our own love doctors are at your service. In Skippy's Guide to Life and Eternal Happiness, Skippy tells us guys how to go up and talk to that woman you've been dreaming about. In Fiona Jane Speaks Out, Fiona has some advice on how to keep that woman interested. And also set yourself up for when she dumps your ass!
 Our lord and master, Pelican Smith, reports on the State of the Hacking Nation, communications privacy, computer crime... he's just the BEST, isn't he? Check it out in Tales of the Geek Lord.
 Lordy! Our movie reviewer has reviewed Con Air, and you will actually know what he thought of the movie! See what he has to say in Ya Gotta See This.
 In the Sporting SCROOM, Dean Shutt, roller hockey fan extraordinaire, gives us his view on the state of the league - the Roller Hockey International League, that is. Didn't even know there was one? Well, bunky, check it all out in Fun & Games, and be enlightened! Dave Lind has decided to start his own set of trading rumors, in A View from the Cheap Seats. Check out what he says, and then go to the Rant Page and tell him why he's wrong! The Professor plopped down on his couch the other day, and discovered track and field on the TV. See what he has to say about people with little or no body fat! Read The Professor.
 Dave wasn't content with trade rumors, he's also a little steamed by the attention that the Kelly Flynn case has been getting, especially in contrast with the decision of General Ralston to not seek an appointment to the Joint Chief's. Check out Dave's opinion in Lt. Flynn vs. Gen. Ralston.
 On the fiction side, we have a couple of treats - our own Geek Lord stepped away from his computers long enough to pen a little story about violence and death... perhaps you should just read it yourself, in Steel Cages. Greg Tennant returns, this time with the first installment of a serialized piece, called Blood Poisoning, Part I.
 And poetry has returned! We have two pieces by Elizabeth Herron. Take a look at The Climb and A Taste, and let her know what you think! Let us know, too.
 And finally, the backpage, in keeping with the themes of Skippy and Fiona, check out the top ten rejection lines heard from women. Really - it can't get any worse! The BackPage
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