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Published Monthly  Volume 2 Number 11  December 1997
SCROOMtimes is a publication of SCROOMcomm, Ltd; Publisher:Andy Wallace; Editor-in-Chief: Dean Shutt

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..........Dean Shutt
A View from the Cheap Seats
..........Dave Lind
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Commentary: LeTourneau Ruling a Travesty
..........Dave Lind
Commentary: Barbie's Face Lift
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..........Dean Shutt
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 Hey there, ho there.... and Merry Freakin' Christmas. We here at the SCROOMtimes are not very well-known for being politically correct, so we have no problem saying "Merry Christmas", instead of the wimpy, PC "Happy Holidays". I mean, it's not that we're particularly religious or anything, it's just that we identify this particular section of the year (between the 3rd Thursday of November and the 25th of December) with the holiday many/most of us grew up with. We honestly wish the best to you and yours this holiday season, whatever your particular religious bent happens to be. Well, except for maybe Skippy...
 Speaking of whom, our loving curmudgeon has some more advice for the love-lorn this month. For those of you who firmly believe in the power of your voicemail systems, the worth of your answering machines, yet are still strangely single, you might take a look.
 The lovely Fiona talks about her personal feelings on the Christmas holiday, while The Geek Lord gives you some advice for the best presents you can get for your own budding geek lord.
 In the Sporting SCROOM, Dean Shutt takes a look at who is really the best. His opinions are not shared by some of the rest of the staff, but how about you, the beloved reader? You might let us all know. Dave Lind has some unanswered questions, and the Professor takes on the question of Marv Albert's life and times, as chronicled in the media.
 In our "Not Your Usual SCROOM" section, Dave Lind (obviously watching a little too much TV news these days) takes on the Mary Kay LeTourneau case, with not a little indignation. And the Staff, at Dave's urging, we admit, has a little commentary on the makeover that Barbie is getting, thanks to the politally correct mob who has gotten control of the media. And Dean Shutt weighs in with an argument against term limits. To top it off, our fearless movie reviewer takes on the universe - or at least, "Starship Troopers". And this month, we feature a little poetry from Sringle, who is becoming quite a regular contributor to the 'times.
 So, Ho-ho-ho, Merry Happy, and all that crap. Be kind and generous this season - you might decide that you like it!

Your Fearless Publisher
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