Some things I have found funny. Some are local, some are not. If you don't think they are funny, tell me what is!!.

I am re-organizing these humor pages, to go along with our new web'zine SCROOMtimes. We have jokes, and we have longer humor items. Many are garnered from the 'net (hey - do you think that I would claim to have come up with all of these on my own?), or from friends.

Jokes and Collections of Jokes

Long-Form Lawyer Jokes!

Short-Form Lawyer Jokes!

I like the way you're thinkin...

Blonde Jokes!

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Lists, forms, and other things...

An Interoffice Memo

East Meets West

What your wife/girlfriend really means

F*ck - need I say more?

Why beer is better than women

Why a cucumber is better than a man

Self-improvement made simple

The Plan - READ THIS!

The Shit List!

Why are guitars better than women?

The Top Twenty Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than Sex

Thoughts To Get You Through any Crisis

A French Lesson of the Practical Kind...

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